ḤABIB AL-ESLĀM. Persian-language weekly newspaper published in Kabul. It replaced Amān-e afḡān, following the advent of (Ḥabib-Allāh) Bačča-ye Saqqā (q.v.). A total of thirty-one issues of Ḥabib-al-eslām appeared between 9 Ḥut 1307 Š./ 28 February 1929 and 10 Mizān 1308 Š./ 1 December 1929. The editors were Ḡolām Moḥey-al-Din, Sayyed Moḥammad Ḥosayn (beginning no. 6) and Borhān-al-Din Koškaki (no. 21 onward). A major periodical of the period, it included government declarations, official agreements with tribal leaders, and political and religious issues in general.

The format was four-column pages, 32 x 42 cm, lithographed in Ḥabib-al-eslām publishing house, which la-ter (1 Ṯawr 1308) was renamed Sarkāri. The newspaper carried neither illustrations nor advertisements. It was priced initially at 10 puls, later (starting no. 22) at 6 paysas. The annual subscription rates were 5 afḡānis within Afghanistan and 15 shillings abroad. An incomplete collection is kept in the Indian Office Library and Record in London.



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(Nasser-al-Din Parvin)

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