FARHANG-E ĪRĀN-ZAMĪN, a research quarterly first published in Tehran in Farvardīn 1332 Š./March 1953. Beginning with the fifth year, 1336 Š./1957, it was published annually up to volume 24, after which it appeared at three-year intervals in as a book. Its founders were Moḥammad-Taqī Dānešpažūh, Manūčehr Sotūda, Moṣṭafā Moqarrabī, ʿAbbās Zaryāb Ḵoʾī, and Īraj Afšār. From the seventh volume, Afšār is mentioned as its editor and publisher. Starting with volume 26 it has been published as a part of the Farāz Series of Iranian Studies (Majmūʿa-ye Īrān-æenāsī-e Farāz).

Farhang-e Īrān-zamīn is a major publication devoted to Iranian studies. Volumes contain scholarly articles as well as old texts edited and printed for the first time. Articles in Arabic or a European language have also appeared in some issues.

The format for annual issues ranges from 248 to 514 one-column pages, 16.5 x 23.5 cm, priced at 700 rials for the first year and 5,500 rials for the twenty-eighth year. Complete sets are accessible in most libraries in Persia and centers for Iranian studies abroad.


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(Nasserddin Parvin)

Originally Published: December 15, 1999

Last Updated: December 15, 1999