DOMAN, city in the Roman province of Cappadocia, conquered along with the surrounding area by the Sasanian Šāpūr I (240-70) during his second campaign against Rome (ŠKZ, Parth, l. 8: dwm’n; Gk. l. 18; not extant in Middle Persian; Back, p. 305). It is probably to be identified with Domana, a city mentioned by the geographer Ptolemy (5.7.3); according to the itineraries, it was located on the road between Satala (modern Sadak in Turkey) and Trapezous (modern Trabzon). Ernst Honigmann has suggested a localization at Köse, north of Sadak. Less probable are identifications with Tomla (Olmstead) and Domankaya near Şebinkarahisar (Garstang, apud Olmstead).

It is generally assumed that both Doman and Satala were targets of raids undertaken in Cappadocia at an uncertain date by Šāpūr’s son Hormizd, great king of Armenia. The precise dating of this campaign is still open, however, as it did not necessarily coincide with Šāpūr’s advance into Syria.



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(Erich Kettenhofen)

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