i. General remarks.

ii. In the Median and Achaemenid periods.

iii. In the Arsacid period.

iv. In the Sasanian period.

v. In pre-Islamic eastern Iran.

vi. Of the Sogdians.

vii. Of the Iranian Tribes on the Pontic Steppes and in the Caucaus.

viii. In Persia from the Arab conquest to the Mongol invasion.

ix. In the Mongol and Timurid periods.

x. In the Safavid and Qajar periods.

xi. In the Pahlavi and post-Pahlavi periods.

xii. Qajar and Pahlavi military clothing (see Supplement).

xiii. Clothing in Afghanistan.

xiv. Clothing of the Hazāra tribes.

xv. Clothing of Tajikistan.

xvi. Kurdish clothing in Persia.

xvii. Clothing of the Kurdish Jews.

xviii. Clothing of the Baluch in Persia.

xix. Clothing of the Baluch in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

xx. Clothing of Khorasan.

xxi. Turkic and Kurdish clothing of Azerbaijan.

xxii. Clothing of the Caspian area.

xxiii. Clothing of the Persian Gulf area.

xxiv. Clothing of the Qašqāʾī tribes.

xxv. Clothing of the Baḵtīārīs and other Lori  speaking tribes.

xxvi. Clothing and jewelry of the Turkmen.

xxvii. Historical lexicon of Persian clothing.

xxviii. Concordance of clothing terms among ethnic groups in modern Persia.

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Originally Published: December 15, 1992

Last Updated: October 25, 2011

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