AVICENNA, Latin form of the name of the outstanding philosopher and physician of the medieval period,  Abū ʿAlī Ḥosayn Ebn Sīnā (ابوعلی حسین ابن سینا, b. Bukhara 370/980[?], d. Hamadān 428/1037).

i. Introductory note.

ii. Biography.

iii. Logic.

iv. Metaphysics.

v. Mysticism.

vi. Psychology.

vii. Practical sciences.

viii. Mathematics and physical sciences.

ix. Music.

x. Medicine and biology.

xi. Persian works.

xii. The impact of Avicenna’s philosophical works on the West.

xiii. The influence of Avicenna on medical studies in the West.


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Originally Published: December 15, 1987

Last Updated: August 17, 2011

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Vol. III, Fasc. 1, pp. 66-110