ATHENAIOS of NAUCRATIS, wrote the Deipnosophistai (Sophists at dinner), his only extant work, in which in about a hundred passages he deals with things Persian. Athenaios was born in Naucratis, Egypt, and lived in Rome, possibly at the beginning of the third century A.D. “If the Ulpian of his dialogue is really modeled on the celebrated Ulpian of Tyre, the able jurist who, as praetorian prefect, undertook to carry on the reforms of Alexander Severus and was murdered in the emperor’s presence by the mutinous guards in 228, the completion of the work the Deipnosophistai may be dated not long after 228.” (Gulick, Introduction, p. viii.)



Wentzel, “Athenaios aus Naukratis,” Pauly-Wissowa, II/2, cols. 2026-33.

C. B. Gulick, ed. and tr., Athenaeus, The Deipnosophists, Harvard, 1961; 7 vols.


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 اثیانیوس ناوکراتیس athenaios of naucratis      

(J. Duchesne-Guillemin)

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