AŠKBŌS, a Turanian hero from Kašān or Košān in the story of “Kāmūs-e Kašānī,” Šāh-nāma (Moscow) IV, p. 194, vv. 1209 ff. In the Arabic translation of the Šāh-nāma by Bondārī (I, pp. 223 ff.) the name is given as Askbōs.

Aškbōs, after putting to flight the Iranian hero Rohhām in a man-to-man battle, was himself killed by Rostam who on this occasion fought on foot. The battle between Aškbōs and Rostam became a favorite motive in Persian painting, see, e.g., B. W. Robinson, A Descriptive Catalogue of the Persian Paintings in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, 1958, index of subjects. Idem, Persian Paintings in the John Rylands Library, London, 1980, index of subjects.


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 اشکبوس ashkbos aashkboos


(Dj. Khaleghi-Motlagh)

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