ĀÇIYĀDIYA (a-ç-i-y-a-di-i-y-), name of the ninth month (November-December) of the Old Persian calendar (see Kent, Old Persian, p. 161a), equivalent to Akkadian Kislīmu and Elamite Šībari (which is several times attested in the Persepolis tablets; see R. T. Hallock, Persepolis Fortification Tablets, Chicago, 1969, pp. 74, 756b). The Old Persian name, occurring only in DB I.89, III.18, is frequently rendered as Elamite Hašiyatiš (with sundry variants; see Hallock, Tablets, p. 693b) in the Persepolis tablets. The name Āçiyādiya, i.e., aç-yādya-, and its collateral form *Āçiyādi- (the normal Elamite rendering) are compounds, which contain the Iranian word for “fire” (*ātar-) in its null-grade *āθr-, Old Persian aç- (not *āθri-), and a lengthened-grade derivative from the root yad- “worship, reverence, sacrifice;” they may be interpreted as “Fire-worship (month).”


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(R. Schmitt)

Originally Published: December 15, 1983

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