ABU’L-WAFĀʾ ŠĪRĀZĪ, SAYYED KAMĀL-AL-DĪN (fl. 10th/16th century), a Sufi of Shiraz, morīd of the well-known preacher, mystic and writer, Shah Dāʿī Elā Allāh Šīrāzī (d. 870/1465), who dedicated to him his commentary on the Maṯnawī . According to Reżā-qolī Khan Hedāyat (Rīāż al-ʿārefīn, Tehran, 1344 Š./1965, p. 109), Abu’l-Wafāʾ was one of the numerous Sufis to fall under the sway of the celebrated Shah Neʿmatallāh Walī (d. 834/1431) when he visited Shiraz. It has been pointed out, however, that even his master, Shah Dāʿī, can not have been more than five years old when the visit took place, some time between 812/1409 and 817/1414 (H. Farzām, Mosāferāthā-ye Šāh Neʿmatallāh Walī, Isfahan, 1347 Š./1968, pp. 103-05). Abu’l-Wafāʾ was buried in a modest shrine in the western approaches to Shiraz (Forṣat Šīrāzī, Āṯār-e ʿaǰam, Tehran, 1314/1896, p. 457). His tomb, still known in Shiraz, is now inside the city just to the east of Nāder Street at its northern end.


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(H. Algar)

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