ABU’L-ḤASAN KHAN ARDALĀN, ḤĀJJ FAḴR-AL-MOLK, b. 1279/1862-63, government official under the late Qajars. He was related to the royal family by blood and marriage. In his youth he served in court as a page. Later he became an attendant of Nāṣer-al-dīn Shah and accompanied him in his tour of Europe (1306/1888-89). He held several military and administrative positions including the governorships of Hamadān (1316/1898-99) and Arāk (three times), and the ministry of commerce (1321/1903-04). He died in retirement in 1305 Š./1926. 


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(Ḥ. Maḥbūbī Ardakānī)

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