ĀBĪ, ABŪ ʿABDALLĀH JARĪR B. ʿABD-AL-ḤAMĪD B. QORṬ ẒABĪ RĀZĪ, traditionist. His nesba, or surname, refers to Āba (or Āva), one of the villages dependent on Sāva (Yāqūt [Beirut] I, p. 50; Zabīdī, Tāǰ al-ʿarūs, Cairo, 1306/1888-89, s.v. ʾwb). He was born in 107/725-26 or 110/728-29 and settled in Ray, and is styled as the traditionist of Ray (moḥaddeṯ-e Ray). Ebn Saʿd, however, gives Kūfa as his residence and place of birth (Beirut, 1377/1957-58, VII, p. 371). The wide range of his information and his reliability attracted many students and collectors of tradition. Ābī transmitted from such personages as ʿAbd-al-Malek b. ʿOmayr and Manṣūr b. al-Moʿtamer; Esḥāq b. Rāhūya, Aḥmad b. Ḥanbal, and ʿOṯmān b. Abū Šayba related traditions on his authority. He died in Ray in 188/803-04.


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(Abu’l-Qāsem Gorji)

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