ABHARĪ, ḴᵛĀJA KAMĀL-AL-DĪN ABŪ ʿAmr, vizier of the last two Great Saljuq sultans in western Persia, Arslan b. Ṭoḡ rı l II (556-71/1161-76) and his son Ṭoḡrıl III (579-90/1176-94). After a secretarial career, he first became minister to Arslan. When Ṭoḡrıl III became restive under the tutelage of the Eldiguzid atabegs of Azerbaijan and endeavored to escape from them, he ended up by being imprisoned by the atabeg Qı zıl Arslan at Dezmār. Kamāl-al-dīn was active in securing his escape, but he then relinquished his professional career and ended his life as an ascetic, wandering through Ḥeǰāz and Syria. He died in Jerusalem in 590/1194.


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