ĀBEŠ ḴĀTŪN, Salghurid ruler of Fārs (663-85/1263-84), daughter of Atābeg Saʿd II. While still a child (in Rabīʿ I, 663/December, 1264), she succeeded her cousin Salǰuqšāh b. Salḡūr, whom the Mongols had driven away. Ca. 671/1272 she married the Mongol prince Möngke Temūr (Mangū Tīmūr; d. Moḥarram, 681/April, 1282), fourth son of the Il-khan Hülegu (Hūlāgū), who ruled Fārs in her name from then on. Ābeš Ḵātūn’s name, however, was mentioned in the ḵoṭba and on coins; she also had the right to a court chapel. The true administration of the country lay in the hands of the Mongol governor Suḡunǰaq (Sūnǰāq) Noyon and his basqaqs (tax officials), who are often mentioned in this period. In Ramażān, 683/late 1284, efforts were made in Fārs towards separation from the Il-kans, and Ābeš Ḵātūn apparently was involved. For this reason she was interned by the Mongol general Boḡā, who later led his own revolt against the Il-khans but was captured and executed in January, 1289. Ābeš Ḵātūn was imprisoned and fined. She died, only twenty-six years old, in 685/1286-87 and was buried in Tabrīz.


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(B. Spuler)

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