ʿĀBEDĪ, ABU’L-RAJĀʾ AḤMAD B. ʿABD-AL-ṢAMAD, a landowner (dehqān) of Transoxania. At Samarqand in 504/1110-11 (during the reign of the Qarakhanid Arslān Khan Moḥammad b. Solaymān, son-in-law of the Saljuq Sultan Sanǰar), he related to Neẓāmī ʿArūżī how the poet Rūdakī had been rewarded by the Samanid Naṣr b. Aḥmad (250-79/864-92) for a poem praising the amir and Bokhara, his capital. ʿĀbedī had transmitted the story from his grandfather (of the same name).


Čahār maqāla, ed. Qazvīnī and Moʿīn, Tehran, 1333 Š./1954, pp. 53-54; tr. E. G. Browne, London, 1921, p. 36.

On the derivation of his nesba from the Companion ʿĀbed b. ʿAmr al-Maḵzūmī, see Ansāb (Leiden), fol. 377b.

(C. E. Bosworth)

Originally Published: December 15, 1982

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