MAJALLA-ye RASMI-e ṮABT-e AMLĀK wa ASNĀD (later Majalla-ye rasmi-e Wezārat-e ʿadliya/dādgostari), the official journal of the Ministry of Justice. It started with three issues a week on 1 Ḵordād 1307 Š. (22 May 1928) as the organ of the Bureau of the Registration of Documents and Deeds (Edāra-ye ṯabt-e asnād wa amlāk) before becoming the organ of the Ministry of Justice on June 10. It became a daily journal from the second year of its publication. In 1943 it merged with Majmuʿa-yeḥoquqi, another publication of the Ministry since 1937. The Bureau ran the journal until Mehr 1350 Š. (September/October 1936), before it became the responsibility of the Technical Office (Edāra-ye fanni) of the Ministry of Justice. The director and chief editor was ʿAli Ṣādeqi, who was in charge for the entire period of Reżā Shah’s reign, and then a succession of other editors took over.

The journal, in compliance with the provisions of Article 6 of the Civil Law, published only official decrees, texts of laws and proposed bills, public notices, regulations, directives, government’s decisions, and so forth. During Reżā Shah’s reign some major provincial capitals also published the same journal with a similar size, format, and features (e.g., Majalla-ye rasmi-e šoʿba-ye Māzandarān).

Majalla-ye rasmi was printed in Tehran first at Tamaddon printing house during its first ten years and then at Irān printing house. It was published in two-column pages of approximately 22 x 35 cm and carried no illustrations. The number of pages increased from a maximum 8 at the early phase to 32, and then, with the obligation to include Notary Public announcements, it reached 100 and occasionally even 200 pages. The annual subscription rate was 40 rials at the beginning and was increased gradually. Complete sets and scattered issues are kept at major libraries in Persia and at the Library of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Azerbaijan, British Library in London, and Princeton University Library.



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August 2, 2005

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