HERZFELD, Ernst Emil (1879-1948; Figure 1), archeologist, philologist, and polyhistor, one of the towering figures in ancient Near Eastern and Iranian studies during the first half of the 20th century. To him we owe many decisive contributions to Islamic, Sasanian, and Prehistoric archeology and history of Iran, Iraq, and Syria. He was the first professor for Near Eastern archeology in the world and instrumental in drafting and issuing the first Persian law of antiquities. This entry will be treated in the following sections:


i. Life and Work.

ii. Herzfeld and Pasargadae.

iii. Herzfeld and Persepolis.

iv. Herzfeld and Paikuli.

v. Herzfeld and the history of ancient Iran.


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Originally Published: December 15, 2003

Last Updated: March 22, 2012

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