ʿEZZAT PĀŠĀ, MOḤAMMAD (Mehmet İzzet Paşa; b. Kayseri, 1 Ḏu’l-ḥejja 1258/5 January, 1843, d. Istanbul 1332/1914), author of a Persian-Turkish dictionary and translator of Persian literary works. He received his earliest education from his grandfather, Ātešzāda Moḥammad Efendī (Ateşzade Mehmet Efendi). He accompanied his father to Istanbul, where he completed his prepatory education and entered the military secondary school Ḥarbīya. In 1284/1867 he was assigned as staff officer to the commission on fortifications in Erzurum, where for seven years he mapped out road systems. A series of other professional positions followed, and eventually he was appointed brigade commander with the rank of major general in the Ministry of War.

His Qāmūs-e fārsī, a Persian-Turkish dictionary on which he labored twenty years, was based on the well-known Borhān-e qāṭeʿ (q.v.) as well as other lexicons. Drawing on Abu’l-Qāsem Maḥmūd Zamaḵšarī’s Moqaddemat al-adab, Abu’l-Ṭāher Moḥammad Fīrūzābādī’s Qāmūs, Abū Naṣr Esmāʿīl Jawharī’s Ṣeḥāh,á and other dictionaries, he also included the Arabic equivalents of the Persian words and added a trilingual index.

ʿEzzat Pāšā also translated into Turkish verse Jāmī’s Yūsof o Zolayḵā, Saʿdī’s Būstān, and Bahāʾ-al-Dīn ʿĀmelī’s Nān o ḥalwā and Nān o panīr.



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