BOYEKAN, the name of a mec naxarar “great satrap,” defeated and killed at Ṭʿawrēš (Tabrīz) by the Armenian general Vasak under Šāpūr II (r. 309-79). See Faustus, Venice ed., IV, p. 39 = Langlois, Historiens, p. 264; and cf. Hübschmann, Armenische Grammatik, p. 33; Justi, Namenbuch, p. 70. The name Boyekan is a patronymic formed from *Bōy (see bōē) or Bōyak (cf. Pers. Būya).

(Marie Louise Chaumont)

Originally Published: December 15, 1989

Last Updated: December 15, 1989

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