AŠŌQAR, in Syriac sources the name of a deity who together with the two deities Frašōqar and Zarōqar is coexistent and co-eternal with Zurvan (see R. C. Zaehner, Zurvan, a Zoroastrian Dilemma, Oxford, 1955, pp. 219-31; Syriac sources, ibid., pp. 219 n. 3, 439-40). The name is identical with Av. aršō. kara- (Yt. 14.28, AirWb., col. 204), and presumably means “he who makes virile” (Avesta, tr. Darmesteter, II, p. 568).

See Zurvan.

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اشوقر ashoghar aashoghar ashughar



Originally Published: December 15, 1987

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