ARTAMANIA (Middle Babylonian ar-ta-ma-an-ià), prince of Zi-ri-ba-ša-ni, who wrote a letter of devotion to the pharaoh of Egypt (El-Amarna 201; see J. A. Knudtzon, ed., Die El-Amarna-Tafeln, Leipzig, 1915 [repr. Aalen, 1964], pp. 733f.). His name is possibly of (Indo-) Aryan origin: *Ṛta-manya- “thinking of Ṛta, remembering Ṛta”; see M. Mayrhofer, IF 70, 1965, p. 156 n. 43 (despite A. Kammenhuber, Die Arier im Vorderen Orient, Heidelberg, 1968, p. 177); further references in idem, Die Indo-Arier im alten Vorderasien, Wiesbaden, 1966, p. 140a; and Die Arier im Vorderen Orient—ein Mythos?, Vienna, 1974, p. 78.



See also W. Hinz, Altiranisches Sprachgut der Nebenüberlieferungen, Wiesbaden, 1975, p. 213.

(M. Mayrhofer)

Originally Published: December 15, 1986

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