Alimardan Khān


Alimardan Khān

title Alimardan Khān
genre/topic  Epic Song
language Baktiāri
performer Latif Najafi, voice
Nowzar Mo’men Nejād, sornā
Hušang Kalbi-pur, dohol
instrument Sornā; Dohol; Voice
first line of poem  
recorded by Paymān Bozorgniyā
place of recording  
date of recording  
duration 1:58
source Regional Music of Iran. A Musical Anthology of Baktiāri tribe. Mahoor Institute of Culture and Art, 2010 (MCD-295), disc. 4, track 20.
Used with permission of the publisher.
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BAḴTĪĀRĪ TRIBE i. Ethnography


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Originally Published: April 30, 2015

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