ʿALĪ-QOLĪ KHAN, later known as MOṢṬAFĀ PASHA (ca. 1091-1139/1680-1727), Safavid (later Ottoman) wālī or viceroy of Kʿarṭʿli (Georgia), residing at Tiflis. Originally a Georgian Orthodox Christian named Prince Iese Bagrationi, ʿAlī-qolī Khan was a son of Prince Levan (Šāh-qolī Khan) of Kʿarṭʿli by his second wife, Ṭʿinaṭʿin Avalishvili. Levan himself served Shah Solṭān Ḥosayn as dīvānbegī or lord chief justice of Iran. In 1127/1715, having become a Muslim, ʿAlī-qolī Khan married Princess Elene Bagrationi, daughter of King Erekle I of Georgia. In all he had eight legitimate offspring, one of whom became the Orthodox religious leader, educator, and writer Catholicos Antoni I of Georgia (pontificate: 1744-55, 1764-88). Following the death in battle of the Georgian Bagratid prince Kʿaikhosro in 1123/1711, the rightful ruler of eastern Georgia was ʿAlī-qolī Khan’s half brother, King Vakhtang VI (b. 1086/1675). However, Vakhtang resisted Shah Solṭān Ḥosayn’s order to adopt Islam and in 1124/1712 was summoned to Isfahan, where he was kept under house arrest. ʿAlī-qolī Khan had been appointed tūpčī-bāšī or general in charge of artillery; in 1126/1714, he was sent to Tiflis as wālī in place of Vakhtang. But he soon proved to be incompetent and addicted to alcohol; in 1128/1716 the shah dismissed him. After the Afghan invasion and the collapse of the Safavid dynasty in 1134/1722, Tiflis was occupied by the forces of the Ottoman sultan Aḥmad III, and King Vakhtang VI was forced to go into exile in Russia. ʿAlī-qolī Khan changed his maḏhab from Shiʿite to Sunni and ruled at Tiflis with the name Moṣṭafā Pasha until his death in 1139/1727. 


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