ʿADL-E MOẒAFFAR “Moẓaffar’s justice.”

i. The phrase.

ii. The newspaper.


i. The Phrase

The phrase ʿadl-e Moẓaffar is connected with the events of the constitutional revolution (1905-11). Because of the pressure of religious leaders and the steadfastness of merchants and other opponents who had taken bast “sanctuary” in the grounds of the British legation in Tehran, Moẓaffar-al-dīn Shah (r. 1313-24/1896-1907) had to grant a form of constitution which provided for the election of a Majlis or national consultative assembly (the initial demand had been for a “house of justice” ʿadālat-ḵāna-ye dawlatī). The farmān was issued on 14 Jomādā II 1324/5 August 1906. According to the ḥesāb-e ǰommal (reckoning of the alphabet by the abīad system), ʿadl-e Moẓaffar gives the year 1324. It also happens that Moẓaffar-al-dīn Shah was born on 14 Asad or Mordād of the solar year (see ʿAbdallāh Mostawfī, Šarḥ-e zendaḡanī-e man, Tehran, 1343 Š./1964, II, p. 64).

The words ʿadl-e Moẓaffar were written as a reminder on the door of the Majlis to show that Moẓaffar-al-dīn was the first shah who granted a constitution in Iran (Dehḵodā, s.v. ʿadl-e moẓaffar).

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(J. Calmard)


ii. The Newspaper

The weekly newspaper ʿAdl-e Moẓaffar was published in Hamadān in 1906 by Dr. Ḥasan Khan Ṭabīb-ʿAlī with the support of the local governor, Ẓahīr-al-dawla. Only thirteen issues appeared (at first polycopied, later printed); it was replaced by Ekbātān.


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(J. Calmard, L. P. Elwell-Sutton)

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