ĀDAMĪYAT (“Humanity”), name of two Iranian periodicals.

1. A weekly newspaper published in Tehran in 1907 by Mīrzā ʿAbd-al-Moṭṭaleb Yazdī, who was also the founder of Zabān-e mellat. Said to have been in league with the opponents of the constitutional movement, he was a member of the tribunal of June, 1908 which tried the constitutionalists at the Bāḡ-e Šāh. After the fall of Moḥammad ʿAlī Shah in July, 1909, he was arrested and imprisoned for a year.

2. A weekly newspaper founded in Šīrāz on 1 Ḵordād 1305/23 May 1926, by Mīrzā Moḥammad Ḥosayn Roknzāda Ādamīyat, author of the well-known books Delīrān-e Tangestānī and Fārs va ǰang-e bayn-al-melal. A lithographed sheet published irregularly, it appears to have ceased publication before 1935. It was primarily concerned with social and economic affairs.


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