ABU’L-BAQĀ B. ḴᵛĀJA BAHĀʾ-AL-DĪN B. ḴᵛĀJA AḤMAD, author of Jāmeʿ al-maqāmāt on the life of the Naqšbandī saint, Mawlānā Ḵᵛāǰagī Kāsānī (d. 949/1542), written in 1028/1618. Known as Maḵdūm-e Aʿẓam, Kāsānī was the progenitor of the important Jūybārī branch of the Naqšbandī order. The Jāmeʿ al-maqāmāt, which has the express intention of supplementing the other accounts of Kāsānī, comprises two chapters: one on the life of the saint and his physical and spiritual characteristics, and the other on his dicta. (See Aḥmad Kāsānī.) 


For MSS see: A. A. Semenov, Sobranie vostochnykh rukopiseĭ Akademii Nauk Uzbekskoĭ SSR, Tashkent, 1955, III, p. 315; W. Eilers, Persische Handschriften, VOHD 14/1, Wiesbaden, 1968, p. 66; and S. de Laugier de Beaurecueil, Manuscrits d’Afghanistan, Cairo, 1964, pp. 118-19 (the identification in this list of the father of the author with Bahāʾ-al-dīn Naqšband, founder of the Naqšbandī order, is incorrect).

(H. Algar)

Originally Published: December 15, 1983

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