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  • LARK


    See ČAKĀVAK.


    Pierre Oberling

    a Turkicized Kurdish tribe in Fārs. The Lašani accompanied Karim Khan Zand to the province in the mid-18th century.

  • LAURENS, Jules Joseph Augustin

    Jacqueline Calmard-Compas

    (1825-1901), French artist in drawing, painting, and lithography who depicted Oriental and other subjects.


    Daniel T. Potts

    in the Persian Gulf. also known as Lār(a), Lān, or Allān, located near Naḵilu, has been mentioned in historic documents famous for pearl fishing and piracy.


    Giti Deyhim and EIr.

    a town and district northwest of Tehran.

  • LAWḤ

    M. Momen and B. T. Lawson

    (tablet), a term used distinctively in the Bahai writings as part of the title of individual compositions of Bahāʾ-Allāh addressed to individuals or groups of individuals.

  • LAYARD, Austen Henry

    John Curtis

    Layard is chiefly known for his excavations in northern Iraq between 1845 and 1851. He worked at the Assyrian sites of Nimrud and Nineveh, the North-West Palace of Assurnasirpal II and South-West Palace of Sennacherib, where he found stone bas-reliefs and figures as well as cuneiform tablets and small objects in bronze, glass, and ivory.

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    Keith Hitchins

    (1941-2000), Tajik poet, editor, and public intellectual. Lāyeq continually expanded the boundaries of Tajik poetry through his restless urge to experiment, to cultivate new means of expression and new forms. Despite his eagerness to innovate, he remained faithful to certain traditions. A number of his poems of the 1980s and 1990s observed the norms of Persian-Tajik poetry.

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    Gohar Muradyan

    late 5th century Armenian historian.


    C. Edmund Bosworth

    (1854-1933), scholar in Persian, Arabic, and Spanish, specially notable for his work in the field of the historical geography of the pre-modern Middle Eastern and Eastern Islamic lands and his editing of Persian geographical texts. Le Strange’s chef d’œuvre is, however, undoubtedly The Lands of the Eastern Caliphate(1905).  

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